Sophie Von Haselberg And Her Friend Ariana Venturi Have A Podcast! Check It Out!

Podcast: Having A Night With Sophie & Ari (And You Can Listen To Them Here!)

Podcast: Having A Night with Sophie Von Haselberg and Ariana Venturi

You know that thing when you’re invited to a dinner party at your friend’s house? And maybe you had a really stressful day and you don’t want to go at all. Plus your favorite show just premiered a new season and you have a credit in your Seamless account due to a dumpling situation gone awry. But once you get there, something inexplicably magical happens: you have the best time ever. Maybe it’s the food, maybe it’s the booze, maybe it’s the company, but there is definitely an element of je nais sais quoi that makes getting-off-your-couch-mid-TV-binge totally worth it. (Hint: it was at least partly the food.) It’s the kind of party that makes you waltz into work the next day and announce loudly to your coworkers: “Well, I just had A NIGHT.”

Ari and Sophie
Ari and sophie

We are Sophie and Ari, and our lives are devoted to capturing that essence. Driven by our own successes and occasional failures hosting dinner parties, we want to help others find the joy in having a night, any night of the week. We want them to take back the night. Make this a night to remember. 24 karat magic in the air. Head to toe soul player! You get it. It’s simple: that ‘je ne sais quoi’ thing you can’t quite put a finger on? We are gonna put our hands all over that sh*t.

Having A Night centers on the dinner party throwing adventures of two girls you’d actually want to chill with. We’re not professionals: we don’t work for America’s best restaurant or edit a food magazine, and we didn’t spend 3 months working at a taco stand in Copenhagen opened by the ex-pastry chef of Noma (but Ari’s sister did! and we want to tell you about it!) But bringing people together through food has made us better, happier people. Plus…we’re really, really good at it. Join us on our journey to revive the Lost Art of the Dinner Party, podcast-style. We launch September 20th!

Ari and Sophie
Ari and sophie

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