Bette Midler Closes Down Her Official Website And Facebook Page

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Earlier in the week, I had heard from others that Bette Midler had closed down her official site, and then soon after, I was asked about her Facebook page. The Facebook page was definitely gone, but with her Official Site, it was up with just her signature in white on a black background. I thought maybe it was being used as a placeholder as they worked on maybe a new design.

Then I remembered, well I don’t need to guess, I’ll just email. LOL So I emailed and got a verification that yes her website and Facebook site were no longer. I asked “why?” and was told lack of traffic. Fair enough. Her website was static in that there were hardly any new changes made to it to keep you coming back. So I can see why they would just rather let it go. The same thing applied to her Facebook page. Anyway, people are starting to leave that platform in droves.

Bette Midler does love Twitter, so I expect her to be on there quite a bit. Also the Instagram site is still up, too, but I won’t be surprised if that goes too. There’s very little action on there either. And anyway, why do we have to be on so many platforms anyway? It’s not healthy and I’m thinking she did the right thing.

I feel comfortable doing this. I hate all the other social media sites in general. The only thing I like about Facebook is writing my thoughts out, but unfortunately some people don’t want to read that shit. So soon I’ll be taking that somewhere else, in my comfort zone. Bette has found her comfort zone in Twitter. So good on her.

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13 thoughts on “Bette Midler Closes Down Her Official Website And Facebook Page

  1. It looks like the website is back up again. Maybe static when there is no news (?), but now that she’s singing at the Oscars…..a last minute change of heart (?).

    1. Hey, glad you wrote. No, even when there is no news, I have stuff to put up. I have like 500 things loaded up from the past that I’ve never put up before. I’ve been scouring newspapers so that by the time I die, I will have every year covered for better or worse.

      To tell you the truth i have been constantly sick. I used to be able to work even when sick, but sometimes I just can’t. And i hate having to keep telling people I’m not well. I think it started around April of last year. I started getting vertigo out of nowhere. I was averaging 15 migraines a month, I couldn’t walk a straight line. During that time my dad and my favorite cat…well, my Dad died and on the same day, my female cat, LeeLoo, wanted to go out with her brother. She never goes out, but once in a while she’d go sit on the first step and I’d leave the door cracked so she could come back in. I just went to my bedroom to start packing, but after 5 minutes i went back to the door and she wasn’t there. She usually never leaves my side. I called her…nothing. So I figured maybe she went upstairs. Anyway, I never found her. I put out posters, went to animal shelters, nothing. Then I found out thru the neighborhood grapevine that a lot of pets had gone missing because aggressive coyotes were coming up on people’s porches and grabbing them and dragging them in the woods. Some had seen it happen with their pets, so I had to accept that’s what happened. Barry was out of town. I was hysterical. My mom knows how I feel about my pets. My dad had that Robin Williams disease. We never could be alone together for 5 mins without fighting. He softened the last couple of years and we made peace. My mom called me, because Barry called her, they’re very close, and he told her LeeLoo went missing and he said I’m not there with him, and he told her he didn’t think I should be driving cause of head problems. I hadn’t told her anything, But she called and said I dont want you to come. Just get better. I ended up missing his, well, my mom’s a little different. It was more of a day of celebration of his life and not a funeral. He was cremated and she had some structure to it and she liked the way it went. Let’s just say anybody that knew about me and my dad weren’t surprised I wasn’t there, but i really did wish i could be there. Geez, i’ve already written a novel.

      I’ll just list the rest.
      Due to dizziness, that nobody could figure out, I fell backwards out of the shower, busted my head open, went to ER
      I finally figured out what the problem was…a reaction to an increase of a medication…my migraine peventative that didn’t work.
      Then had gut problems for a couple of months
      ER again….diseased gall bladder
      more migraines
      stopped producing testosterone
      Barry moves out after together 30 + years, but still best friends
      breaking out in hives on face and chest
      Asthma starts…haven’t had since a child
      and i can keep going,,,

      i’ve kept an incredible positive attitude…i just want to get better. my bloodwork is fine

      i think i know why i got hives, breathing problems, but my doc didn’t agree, but no solution given, so i’m already preparing to prove it,

      So yeah, I drop out of site and i hate it but i have no choice

      Bad thing is my site is so outdated and the blog software is rapidly changing that i’m going to have to get rid of it and change within a week or two. i don’t know whether to close it down or just leave it open while i make changes, For some reason I’m thinking of doing the latter. most people come for the posts, but all the rest i can be working on in the background,

      Sorry this was so long, Don

  2. Oh my gosh, Don, I know you’ve gone through a lot, but had no idea…..

    You have the definitive Bette website and for that I, and probably all of Bette’s fans are eternally grateful. You do such an incredible job of posting all of Bette’s career (from the 1960’s to the future), that there is no comparison. And personally, I like the way it looks, even though you’re thinking of giving it a refresh. Your website is a passion of love, and like everything in love, lasts longer with moderation. I always hope you’re well when there are gaps in posting, but there is no reason to post on a daily basis. It can cause burnout, and your health, family, and overall well being come first. it’s always exciting to read the posts when you do put them up, and there’s always a treasure trove of information for me to catch up on, when I check in.

    So glad that you’re able to share more of what you’ve gone through personally with us. You have determination, spirit, and fight in you that is rarely seen in people, which makes you an incredible inspiration to the rest of us that have battled setbacks and have tried our best to overcome lesser obstacles in life.

    I hope you stick with Bootleg Betty, as it’s fun, interesting, informative, thorough, and sometimes therapy for all of us. But with that, you have my strongest support to do it on your terms. It’s always a treat for me to jump on your website, and see (and hear) everything Divine. As much as I am a Bette fan, I am also one of your fans, and can engage in what you are going through to achieve success through your website, on a more emotional level. You’ve become a part of my life, and for that, I am incredibly grateful.

    My blessings to you! Stay strong!!


  3. Mr. D, SUCH appreciation for this page. I’ve followed you for years as you’ve always been the source of everything Bette Midler.

    I am…however, glad she took down her social media page. It was painful to watch the reflective negativity of our country’s issues and political platforms spewed daily from a national treasure who has brought such happiness over a golden career. If we want that, we always have Streisand. Bette need not taint her magic.

    1. Thank you so much for the compliment. I’m a die hard lefty, but I can’t take either side right now because I just find so much hateful talk from both sides to be a little too much, so I have to stay away from it all. No side is all evil and all good. Life is a lot of gray. So I read a few respectful journalists who’ve won pulitzer prizes and search for up and coming journalists, all of whom do not work for the few corporations that own our MSM. These journalists get it from both ends of the parties because they’re more interested in pointing the corruption in both parties and you just seem to get a more balanced view. They are mostly leftists but they’re goal is to write and stay close to journalistic standards, which the MSM has quickly abandoned. I don’t read any celebrity viewpoints anymore. They are allowed to have their opinions whether I think they are right or wrong, but most know anything more or less than we do. So I find no reason to follow them for that. I’ve never been influenced politically by celebrities for their views much anyway. I still like my Clint Eastwoods and my Kurt Russels as much as I love my Chers and Streisands.

    1. Well, why are you telling me? This isn’t an official site. If you had a modicum of I intelligence you’d know exactly where to contact her online. It’s in every report on her. Sorry you can’t separate your political views from your entertainment. But I understand it happens. Good luck

  4. Now the Miss Devine is spewing her vitriol on Texas. I thought you were a member
    of the all inclusive progressive party. I guess unless you are an ignorant redneck
    from Texas.We get what we deserve from
    our latest weather disaster!! Really?
    Never forget when looking down from your
    Ivory Tower it was all of us miscreants
    who paid for it. Just remember Karma is a Bitch and that bitch is spelled Bette

  5. There seems to be either a fake or a scammer using her FB page.

    I hardly think Bette would address people as “dear”…

  6. Unless her Facebook page is back up, which I find unlikely, you’ve got a scammer who is doing a real bang up job at impersonating her.

    Ever consider looking before deleting emails/comments to you?

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