Harlette In Distress! Our Beloved Charlo Crossley Fortier Needs Our Help! Please Help! (Special Video Included!)

Harlette In Distress! Our Beloved Charlo Crossley Fortier Needs Our Help!

From Don (Mister D):

I’m glad I can help and will do more. Like my friend, Peter Blalock, says, it’s not often one gets to help someone who has brought one so much joy spanning a lifetime.

One of our most beloved Harlettes, Charlo Crossley Fortier, is in dire straits and needs our help if you can spare anything. She did not ask me to do this. Words can not express the effect that Bette Midler and the original Harlettes had on my life. I was a very unhappy teenager, college wasn’t great either, but I found myself through these women like Bette, Charlo, and Ula Hedwig. Yes, I found myself through the strength of these women, who broke down barriers in many ways. You have to go back to the ’60s and 70’s to understand. My life would never be the same again. I blossomed and learned to love myself, laugh at myself, look outside of myself and show compassion. Yes, I loved my parents, but sometimes you just have to be inspired by outside forces, too! So I can’t bear to hear this news.

And this happens much more often than you think. When you live your life as an artist that hasn’t reached mega-stardom, it is fucking hard. One small misstep can lead to homelessness. Charlo has so many beloved friends and fans, I just can’t see this happening to her and I’m just convinced that it won’t. And her faith, of which I struggle to maintain, remains steadfast and strong and keeps her spirit shining. I wish I wasn’t so cynical and jaded, but I see it work for Charlo and Jenifer Lewis. I see it working for my mom and my brother. So I’m open to changing my ways. And I have, I would go through with my story, but frankly, I don’t know if it would enhance her story, or take away from it. Bottom line; There is something to Faith.

Please share far and wide. Please Help!

”Displaced since Nov.28, 2018. Lived in the same house for 26 years. After husband passed away, house was sold and we were put out without proper $$ for housing. Sad situation gone worse…denied rentals due to credit score…have help from SAG FOUNDATION & MUSIC CARES. MY son works. We have a car but no home! I am with friends as of today til we are able to get a rental. My son’s inheritance is delayed. We are trust king God for the right place. My friend Theresa Ford has been a blessing of helps in searching for rentals. Her encouragement is a godsend!! Your help is appreciated, and I pray 100 fold return on your giving!!???????”

This video below should inspire you to help. The Harlettes have always worked their asses off, and it’s so nice when you can share their awesome solo work. Supposedly Bette was a workhorse, but they all loved her anyway.

Bruce Vilanch invited me to Chicago to see Hairspray and to sit in on a small benefit or something of the sort at a small club, It wasn’t what I thought it was going to be it was so intimate and I just felt so intimidated. I watched the whole rehearsal in a room smaller than a classroom. I was sitted in front of Marc Shaiman in such an uncomfortable way that we either making eye contact or avoiding it. But I was transfixed and overwhelmed by the talent surrounding me. Everybody looked at me like who is this? Bruce kept popping in and Bruce Vuckovich (is that right?) He was a director or musician extroidinaire and was so handsome I just let him buy me drink after drink and closed down the place with him. Bruce checked on me periodically. I think he knew I was quite out of my element, and no, nothing happened.

But the first person who came up to me was Charlo, and she asked who I was. I can’t remember. I was so out of my element, I couldn’t even fathom what to say. It was before I had met Bette, But Miss Charlo knew who I was when I said my name and my site. And she was so welcoming, I just wanted to cry. Not that others werent. Scott Wittman said I know you, but I don’t know from where. I think Shaiman interjected then and explained it to him. Bruce was just busy, busy, The man has energy! But the most memorable part was Charlo. I think she was the first Harlette I met. And I think I was scared…lol But she was so kind and warm and I settled down. But I digress!

Just listen to this:

Video: Benefit Concert for the Trip to Italy 2006 Charlotte Crossley, Vocal with the Deerfield HS Show Choir Marianne Kim, Piano:((http://www.mariannekimmusic.com)

Here is the link to donate. Just give what you can. I’m as poor as poor can be, but I found away.

Please Donate To The Charlo Crossley Fortier Fund

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6 thoughts on “Harlette In Distress! Our Beloved Charlo Crossley Fortier Needs Our Help! Please Help! (Special Video Included!)

  1. I would like to donate but have never had a Facebook account nor have any interest in opening one. Is there any other way to donate?

    1. Well, I don’t blame you there. I truly considering dropping out of social media. I think it has done so much harm to us as a society. To read ex-Facebook execs talk about how they’ ve worked in tandem with the CIA learning all types of psychological effects to manipulate us and addict us is just too sinister.

      Did you try to click on the link and it asked you to sign in? Is this correct? I’ll ask Charlo, just in case.

      1. Yes, I clicked the link and there was no “alternative” way of donating.
        I agree with ALL you said about Facebook, but , even before all that was known, I simply have zero interest in it, no offense to anyone.

        1. Btw, I had the pleasure of meeting Charlo once, briefly, and she could not have been sweeter and more kind. Just a real nice person, as was Jenifer Lewis and Ula Gedwig, who were also with her and were NOT working, but there as part of the audience, as was I. Great lady!

        2. Thanks for getting back so fast. If she gives me an alternate, I will post it. You were very smart to have stayed off it. Twitter is ungodly too. Some longtime business people and marketers have ditched both because it was getting to be too time consuming. And they found there businesses really didn’t suffer like that thought it would amd they’ve gotten less angry, and have more time to spend with their family. And I’ve about had it too.

  2. Yes, I cliked the link and there was no “alternative” way of donating.
    I agree with ALL you said about Facebook, but , even before all that was known, I simply have zero interest in it, no offense to anyone.

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