Beanie Feldstein Talks About Working With Bette Midler In “Hello Dolly”

Windy City Times
Kaitlyn Dever and Beanie Feldstein graduate to a new level in Booksmart 
By Jerry Nunn

Beanie Feldstein and Bette Midler backstage at Hello Dolly!

WCT: That sounds like a musical right there! Tell me about working with Bette Midler.

Beanie Feldstein: We opened two years ago this weekend. I talked about Bette every day. She’s the hardest working human being I’ve met in my entire life. She doesn’t sit down or take breaks. She’s so generous and the funniest person on the planet Earth. She’s a powerhouse. I learned from her every single day. Her commitment and work ethic are awe-inspiring.

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One thought on “Beanie Feldstein Talks About Working With Bette Midler In “Hello Dolly”

  1. Love Bette!! She’s of my generation!!I was born in1947!! Retired NYC Kindergarten teacher!! Saw her in concert about five years ago in Madison Square Garden!! And alsoin Hello Dolly! She was phenomenal!!

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