Bette Midler Performed At WorldPride NY At The Javits Center Last Night (Video and Photos)

Bette Midler Performed At WorldPride NY At The Javits Center Last Night
Written by Mister D

Bette Midler performs at NY World Pride


As I knew she would, she sang Friends. It’s like she’s come back full circle. I’m so glad I fell in love with her on her first appearance on Johnny. She sang Am I Blue. I was 13 or 14 and my mom remembers i just said she’s going to be a huge star. And I was young and that was not the kind of music I knew much about, but I never had somebody draw me into a song like that. She sang it and her face, voice, and hands told the story. She was like a mini movie. But when I saw the tears it was all over for me. I was so critical of everybody else after that. I had favorites, but nothing approached the way I felt about Bette Midler.

When she starred in the Rose, I thought she could walk on water. I think I went to the theater close to 100 times. I would bring anybody and say you will never see a performance this raw again. And I haven’t. Hedwig on Broadway came kind of close, but the movie I didn’t quite get into. And for the longest time, I irritated everybody who went to movies with me, because I always thought in many that I saw Bette could’ve have torn that role up.

I was ecstatic when her movie career jumpstarted again, but I thought like others Hollywood never tapped into her full potential, but Bette made sure she stayed relevant in every decade through movies, concerts, TV, and special events. And omg Broadway!!! I fill one day Hollywood better give her a fucking Oscar and not the way they treated Doris Day.

Bette Midler at NY E=World Pride

She should get a Kennedy Honors and inducted into the  Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame because her 70’s concerts to the Rose to Art or Bust were Rock and Roll and she brought cabaret to Rock. She was unique and broke boundaries, censored, had setbacks but she finally got the whole mixture right and I mean perfected  – just outstanding. She had finally worked on her voice until it was perfected. Many critics before, who did love her, talked about her just missing notes here and there but used to love watching her give it her best and it actually added some weird extra element to her whole persona. But that’s just me. She also deserves another star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame for her movie work. The star she has now is only for her musical contributions. So we all should come together and see what we can do to make these things happen.

We need a good organizer. I’m good at research. Probably need letter writers. Just get with me with your ideas. I want her to have it all. We don’t need a lot of separate Bette communities writing. We need one name to go under. I don’t need to use my name or site. I’ve done very well and don’t have much to prove, but if we could come up with a name and a few board members, for lack of a better word, this could work Everybody set your differences aside and let’s work together as a Bette Community. Thank you, Don,

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7 thoughts on “Bette Midler Performed At WorldPride NY At The Javits Center Last Night (Video and Photos)

  1. Completely agree with you, Don, especially regarding the awards she deserves! I’ll be glad to help in any way!

    1. Don your story is as good as mine.I discovered this amazing woman at the Drive In off a country road in Kansas. I wish I could have gone to see “THE ROSE” 100 more times but as as a seven year old I was lucky to have seen it that one magical night.. Then our town got HBO and finally…a second time!

      1. And now I’ve seen it thousands of times I’m sure…It is still the most amazing film of all time!

  2. She. Sang. Friends.?

    The only two Americans I take shit from. Bette Midler and Mister D. LOL

    I would gladly be in, but I’m from a shitwhole country, don’t see much I can do. Let me know. Even if it’s just “way to go” support.

    Love you.
    Your Brazilian bombshell

  3. I was so happy when I heard Bett middler would be part of our 50th celebration world pride 2019 I just love her energy it’s electrifying and so elegant and it couldn’t of been a better choice of songs FRIENDS I been able to see some friends this week here in NYC that I haven’t seen in a long while I didn’t even know if some of them were still alive and most are and doing very well I’m so grateful to be here to join everybody NYC my friends and the world to celebrate our land mark in human rights I lived a life of severe fear everyday everywhere I weant of being hurt or killed for who I was that has faded away the last few years since I moved to the best city in the world if it wasn’t for NYC and all the wonderful love and support this city does for our community my special thanks to our mayor and most of all for supporting our community governor Andrew Cuomo without his compassion and understanding of our desperate needs because most of the gay community is struggling so hard without him we would have no HOPE for a kinder safer future HAPPY PRIDE EVERYBODY ENJOY CELEBRATE OUR LIVES AND REMEMBER OUR BROTHERS ABD SISTERS THAT LOST THEIR LIFE WAY TO SOON AND WERE NOT ABLE TO SEE OUR VICTORY but they were all a part in our force to fight for our equality

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