Diane Keaton On What Is Badass

Bette Midler and Diane Keaton 1997
Bette Midler and Diane Keaton 1997

How do you feel about online shopping?

My daughter, Dexter, is an online shopper. I think she’s crazy. Part of the great joy is just being in the stores. It’s sad what’s happening to them. They’re just closing, and people are doing exactly what you’re telling me [buying online]. It’s like, “Stop! How can you do that? You don’t know what it’s going to look like on you!”

You could try it on at home and then return it.

Oh, you’re insane. That’s crazy.

They make it so easy for you.

But you miss out on seeing it live!

I understand what you’re saying, but time is a real consideration.

Time. Time. There’s never enough time! But there’s always enough time to do something you love. I love it.

So, this is the Badass Issue. Who do you think is a badass?

Bette Midler is balls to the floor. I think Lena Dunham is a badass woman. She’s brilliant. Sarah Silverman. And Gayle King is super badass.

What’s the most badass thing you’ve ever done?

I don’t really want to talk about it too much, but I got naked in a couple of movies, and that was something that just about did my father in. One was Looking for Mr. Goodbar [1977], and then the other was Nancy Meyers’s movie [Something’s Gotta Give, 2003] where I just go [naked]?… and then I run away.

When do you feel the most powerful and confident?

It’s hard to say that I ever feel powerful or confident. Those two words are not really in my purview. I enjoy being engaged by imagery. That’s important to me. I have all these three-ring binders, in categories, full of images that I’ve cut out of magazines. I’m thinking about doing another book where I combine everything that I’m interested in.

Do you consider yourself a badass?

I would call myself somebody who avoids more than anything else. I’ve got that 8-foot wall [points toward the house’s gate]. It makes me feel protected, you know? Safe. I’m fearless about what I like. In other words, I’ll take it wherever I want to go. I’ve had a lot of independence, and nobody’s telling me what to do. I had a mother who encouraged that and helped me achieve the things I wanted to achieve. I’ve followed the paths I’ve wanted to follow. I like redoing houses, I like architecture, I like visuals, I like fashion, I like all of it.

Diane Keaton: Icon
Diane Keaton: Icon
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