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New Fan Mail Address And A Shout Out To Other Bette-Related Sites On Twitter

From the Twitter site: Iconic Bette Midler

Mister D: I am just overwhelmed for various reasons, but I’ve been meaning to do this for a while. I guess I’m going to have to make to-do lists because my brain is even worse than when I started this mish-mash of a site.

Make a note: Bette Midler has a new Fan Mail Address:

  • Fan Mail:
  • Miss M Productions
  • 300 East 95th Street
  • Suite 120
  • New York, NY 10128

    Remember to send a self-addressed envelope with a stamp if you want an autographed photo. They ask that you not send anything to be autographed.

Here are some sites you should add to your Bette Midler collection:

  • Official Marc Shaiman – Marc Shaiman started his site back in February. It’s a website, but also a blog where he writes about whatever. If any of you follow him on Facebook, you know he tells wonderful stories and like Bette, he just makes you smile
  • Official Toni Basil – Ms, Basil just does not slow down. She can put a lot of young people to shame she’s so energetic. Plus she’s led a very interesting life. So check it out.
  • Official Bruce Vilanch – The loveable Bruce Vilanch, I run his official site and I just gave it a makeover because it’s a mess right now. But, boy howdy, does he know everyone in showbiz. I could sit and dish with him all day long and through the night if he’d let me stay over.
  • Dino – My Bette Midler Discography Reviews. – This is actually a Twitter account run by Dino where he reviewed Miss M’s albums, track by track, and it’s just fun reading someone else’s thoughts about most of Midler’s songs. Twitter, if you’re not used to it can be a beast to understand. Sometimes I don’t even get it. But take a deep breath and just calmly follow instructions.
  • Iconic Bette Midler – I love this site and it’s also on Twitter. This person (I don’t know who it is) makes very colorful, I guess you’d call them memes. All the photos are colorful and the owner always seems to match the right photo with the quotes. There are also unique gifs and I believe some videos. Anyway, it’s one of the bright spots in the hell that twitter is. You’ll be smiling

    I will put all these links under Other Bette Sites, but if you don’t see them, please remind me. I just can’t keep up with everything as I used to, but I guess it wouldn’t hurt to get me a planner or something. Next, I need to add some stuff from Facebook and YouTube

Yes, Bette Midler’s Official Site Is Kaput. They said it always was since the last time I mentioned it ??

I’ve also been told again that Bette’s Official Page is kaput. It always was when I told you last time. But she did a post about Sophie’s podcast. I’m guessing it’ll stay up “as is” until the year comes to an end. But, I’ve come to realize with Bette – she can change her mind on a dime. And I like that because I am notorious for it, Now I can say, well Bette Midler does it, too

Bette Midler in Ruthless People
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10 thoughts on “New Fan Mail Address And A Shout Out To Other Bette-Related Sites On Twitter

  1. Thank you, Millie! I woukd say you made a terrible mistake because this is a Fansite, not Bette Midler. She’s only on Twitter, so I’m afraid youve wasted your time. However. I think she would tell you your time would be better spent canvassing or phonebanking for your favorite candidate which I guess is Kamala Harris! Thank you and wish Bette luck so She winS her 3rd Emmy this year!

  2. Thank you! Is your name Anony! That is so pretty and yet non-descriptive all at the same time. I know, you should add “Mous” as your middle name. Catchy, huh?

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