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Bette Midler in Jinxed

Jinxed: The Trailer

Harold Benson and his lounge-singer wife, Bonita Friml, follow a young blackjack dealer Willie Brodax, around the country. Harold has a blackjack winning jinx on Willie and seemingly cannot lose to him. After Willie becomes suspicious, he starts following Harold and finds his trailer and starts talking to Bonita. Willie and Bonita eventually fall in love and plot to do away with Harold to collect Harold’s life insurance.

Jinxed: Credits

Directed byDon Siegel
Produced byHerb Jaffe
Screenplay byFrank D. Gilroy
David Newman
Story byFrank D. Gilroy
StarringBette MidlerKen WahlRip Torn
Music byBruce Roberts
Miles Goodman
CinematographyVilmos Zsigmond
Edited byDouglas Stewart
Herb Jaffe Productions
United Artists
Distributed byMetro-Goldwyn-Mayer
Release dateOctober 22, 1982
Running time103 minutes
CountryUnited States
Budget$13.4 million[1]
Box office$2,869,638[2]

Jinxed: The Script

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