Video: Bette Midler In ‘The Lottery’

The Lottery: And it's a wrap
The lottery and its a wrap
Bette Midler in “The Lottery”

The Lottery is a 1989 American short film starring Bette Midler and directed by Garry Marshall which was shown at the then Disney-MGM Studios in line for the first versions of the Studio Backlot Tour.

Bette Midler stars as a music teacher giving a singing lesson to a student in her apartment. She suddenly wins the lottery but quickly loses the ticket when it is swept out her window by a gust of wind and subsequently chases the ticket all over New York City.

The Lottery was shot on February 3, 1989, at Disney-MGM Studios on the New York City backlot set and it took a crew of over 100 people to produce.[1]

It was the first film to be completely filmed at the Disney-MGM Studios theme park.

It was used to demonstrate general filmmaking, the use of exterior sets and soundstage sets, special effects and stunts.

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