Enter Bette Midler's "Queen For A Day" Sash Raffle

Bette Midler's "Queen For A Day" Sash Raffle
Bette midlers queen for a day sash raffle

Enter Bette Midler’s “Queen For A Day” Sash Raffle

From Bette Midler: Is the only thing stopping you from taking your rightful seat on the throne the lack of a sash? You are in luck! We are raffling the Divine Miss M’s “Queen For A Day” sash. A $10 donation to @NYRP will enter you to win, and you too could be anointed Queen!. Copy and paste this into your browser to make your donation and enter >>



* Each $10 donation to New York Restoration Project will have your name entered.
* You can enter as many times as you like. * All proceeds go to support the ongoing work being done by @NYRP.
* One winner will be selected randomly from all entries at 5:00p, December 20, 2019. Winner will receive one “Queen for a Day” sash autographed and previously worn by NYRP founder, Bette Midler.
* There is no limit to the number of days you can wear your sash.

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2 thoughts on “Enter Bette Midler's "Queen For A Day" Sash Raffle

  1. I asked her instagram a question regarding this and she replied back. I know it might not be her, but it was a thrill to see a post that said Bette Midler mentioned you in a comment. I almost died!

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