Movie and Script: Outrageous Fortune

Bette Midler and Shelly Long in Outrageous Fortune
<a href=httpsbootlegbetty Com20141020betteback february 13 1987 outrageous fortune review target= blank rel=noreferrer noopener><strong>bette midler<strong><a> and <a href=httpsen Wikipedia Org wiki shelley long><strong>shelly long<strong><a> in outrageous fortune

Outrageous Fortune

Synopsis: Lauren and Sandy are total opposites who end up in the same acting class and who don’t know they are sharing a lover. When he disappears under mysterious circumstances they refuse to believe that he is dead and are the only ones who are searching for him across several states. Ending up in the western US., they discover he had other interests as they find their lives in danger.

The Script


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