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Seinfeld: 10 Couples That Would Have Made A Lot Of Sense

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Seinfeld: 10 Couples That Would Have Made A Lot Of Sense
APR 12, 202

Bette Midler & Michael Richards in Seinfelf

Seinfeld boasts of a lot of interesting characters, with peculiar likes and dislikes. The gang of four, Jerry, George, Kramer, and Elaine were paired with several partners. Some couples emerged a bit drab. Audiences saw greater potential in pairings of different cast members. A lot of the times break-ups and death by envelopes could have been avoided by such means.

Newman should have been linked-up with the winsome tulip, Pam. Jerry was better suited with the top-notch NBC executive, Susan. Once Kramer was a Calvin Klein model, he could have had a real shot with Tia Van Camp. Yet, none of them worked out, for better or for worse. Here are ten pairings that would have made a lot of sense and probably have worked out, but never happened.

10. Frank Costanza And Bette Midler

The only man who could handle Bette Midler at her absolute worst and best was Frank Costanza. Bette was supposed to do the fictional Broadway play Rochelle, Rochelle. She got injured when George rammed into her in the middle of a softball game. As a result of this accident, Bette became more infuriated and temperamental than she already was.

Coincidentally, Bette and Frank Costanza were seen in the same episode, “The Understudy.” Had Frank Costanza become besotted with her, he could have taken care of her well. Frank was as temperamental as Bette was. But not Kramer. Bette beat up on poor Kramer all the time.

9. Elaine Benes And Jacopo Peterman

Jacopo Peterman was all that Elaine ever wanted. Or vice versa. Their first meeting, in the rain, on a sidewalk gave the impression of a meet-cute. Elaine was captivated every time J. Peterman spoke, more so in their first meeting. As the two shared drinks together seated across a restaurant, it gave the impression of a date.

Peterman loved Elaine’s choice of dressing. Elaine quickly learned his way of talking. At the end of their meeting, Elaine couldn’t stop talking like him.

8. Cosmo Kramer And Audrey

Kramer and Poppie were always good friends. They almost made it as business partners for a pizza-making business. The business proposition was to open a place where people could make their own pie. The idea could have been successfully cashed in on had someone arbitrated between Poppie and Kramer. And who better than Audrey to do so!

Jerry and Audrey didn’t belong together. But Kramer and Audrey could have given audiences serious relationship goals. More so with Poppie in the picture.

7. Estelle Costanza And Uncle Leo

Estelle and her husband Frank never really got along. Uncle Leo appeared to be divorced from Stella. Estelle and Leo are loud characters, with finicky temperament. Leo is a boisterous fellow, so is Estelle.

The other similarities between the two are their miserly spending habits and stinginess. After Estelle was separated from Frank, she and Leo should have been coupled. Together the two of them would have made a hilarious pair.

6. Newman And Connie

Connie wouldn’t have been able to throw Newman in the Hudson. If at all he fell asleep on top of Connie! Kramer was easily lifted and carried out the building like a dead body by Connie’s mobster friend, Tommy. Lifting Newman wasn’t a two-person job.

The thing is, Connie’s company consisted of mobsters. Since Newman controlled the mail and the information, it would have been easier for him to deduce who Connie was.

5. Jerry Seinfeld And Susan Ross

What did Susan ever see in the cheapskate George? A successful executive at NBC was well-suited with the successful comedian, Jerry. George botched everything ever since he met Susan. He never even realized what he had when he had her. George and Susan were a complete mismatch. The same can’t be said for Jerry though. He was charmed everyone at the offices of NBC. He made sense while speaking to Russell Dalrymple.

Susan and Jerry would have been perfect together. With her in the picture as Jerry’s partner, his sitcom would have gotten a head start far earlier.

4. Kramer And Tia Van Camp

The joke boy Jerry and the fashion model never really belonged together. If it wasn’t for Jerry’s first-class upgrade, they wouldn’t have even clicked. Tia Van Camp belonged with Kramer, who had the idea for the fragrance she was wearing– The Beach.

Kramer impressed Calvin in the very first meeting. He was immediately offered an ad shoot with the company. Tia and Karmer worked at close quarters. Both were lean and muscular. If it wasn’t for Kramer’s modeling left as the unfinished sub-plot, chances were high the two may have dated. Talk about their similar dietary patterns!

3. Jerry Seinfeld And Dianne DeConn

Jerry bumped into a college mate, Dianne DeConn in “The Marine Biologist.” Dianne admired Jerry for his achievements; she said she’d been seeing Jerry on TV.  The way Dianne spoke to Jerry, she appeared more interested in him than George.

Dianne made a snide remark about George. She called him a goof-off. Yet George ended up with Dianne because Jerry advocated for him. The perplexing question is, why didn’t Jerry date Dianne, since she exhibited admiration and respect for him.

2. Newman And Pam

It wasn’t Kramer who picked up Pam, but Newman. Though Pam was Jerry’s girlfriend and Kramer’s crush, none of the men were suited for her. When Kramer went to confess his love to Pam, he was merely parroting Newman’s words.

Pam seemed to be impressed with whatever Newman fed Kramer. She seemed thoroughly impressed by the words that Kramer spoke. It would have made more sense for Newman to come out in the front and claim his words. Pam only got a crush on Kramer because he could speak well.

1. Cosmo Kramer And Marlene

George and Jerry both went out with a woman named Marlene. She was an enchanting woman who had a psychosexual hold over men. Marlene and Kramer had several overlapping interests. They both liked to drag out telephonic conversations, they had a propensity for dirty talk.

Kramer was stupified the first time he heard Marlene’s voicemail on Jerry’s machine. When Jerry opened up to him about his risky business with Marlene, he understood what it meant to have psychosexual hold over someone. Audiences rather see Marlene and Kramer talk, than Marlene and Jerry. The best Jerry can do is crack a joke or two with women. Not to mention, Kramer kept fooling around with 976 numbers in a husky voice.

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