Video: Bette Midler – Kiss My Brass Concert (New York 2004) + Bonus Material

Bette Midler: Kiss My Heart
Bette midler kiss my brass 2004<br >photo steve weiner

Audio: Bette Midler – Tenterfield Saddler
– Australia – 2004

Mister D: This version is quite different than the Peter Allen tribute. Mainly the key changes and the addition of the Harlettes. It really does bring the song to life and, yes, I would say it makes it more emotional and dramatic. I just wish the sound quality was better.

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5 thoughts on “Video: Bette Midler – Kiss My Brass Concert (New York 2004) + Bonus Material

  1. To me, “Tenterfield Saddler” is one of the quintessential Bette-performances. I prefer (love!!!) the original tribute version (which includes her irresistable humor in sharp contrasts with heartfelt sadness) but I also like this version. I wish she’d record it properly… Speaking of “essence-” performances that were not recorded for an album: “Here comes the Flood” and “Broken Bicycles”, “Everybody knows”. (And if you read this: RECORD THEM, BETTE!) My favorites: “I shall be released” from Divine Madness – and I for some reasons the very classy “He was too good to me – Since you stayed here” from “Some People’s Lives” that makes me cry every single time…

    1. Oh my, I loved every song you mentioned. I remember thinking all those songs from the second half of Art or Bust we’re going to be on No Frills and I was so disappointed

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