Lots of roles for A-List Actresses to fill for ‘The View’ mini-series. And I Will Lobby Bette Midler Myself Not To Be In It!

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‘The View:’ ‘Ladies Who Punch’ Being Made Into A Miniseries, ‘A-List Actresses to Play Walters and Her Co-Hosts’
By Melissa Mitas
May 16, 2020

Bette Midler
Bette Midler

Mister D: And don’t think I won’t be giving my opinion to her. The only way I would concede is if they made it a satire of how awful the show became after they called it a political show. It embodies everything bad about cable news – salacious, gossipy, opinions over facts, and pretty much one-sided. It’s geared to outrage and divide the country. Let them go back to being just a gossipy entertainment story. These women have no idea what’s going on. And it’s dangerous to pretend that they do know what’s going on. You know they aren’t running home at night researching world affairs. It’s already bad enough people think Joy and Bette are one and the same. Please, God, don’t cement that into my head for all eternity. I already know my approach! LOL

ABC’s popular daytime talk show The View is known for its revolving co-hosts over the years, as well as its behind-the-scenes drama. Now with the steady panel of Whoopi Goldberg, Joy Behar, Sunny Hostin, and Meghan McCain, the show has found some momentum the past few seasons and become a must-stop for political figures on the campaign trail. In a tell-all book published last year, much of the program’s off-camera action was described through a myriad of interviews with past and present co-hosts. The material has just been scooped up to play out all the salacious details in a television miniseries.

Ramin Setoodah’s 2019 book Ladies Who Punch: The Explosive Inside Story of ‘The View’ was filled with first-hand accounts of hirings, firings, auditions, and contentions with the many co-hosts that have served on the show. Since the program’s launch in 1997 by show creator Barbara Walters, The View became renowned for its tumultuous environment.

Winifred Sanderson

<em><strong>The Toronto Star & The Daily Beast</strong></em>

<strong>”By comparison, Trump’s White House is far more functional.” <br><br>”The View is responsible for the very conflagration of news and opinion that today defines media and gives us all us three to five rage strokes per week.”</strong>

This is why we can’t have nice things

Quickly making The New York Times Best Seller list, Setoodah interviewed panelists from the original crew including Meredith Vieira, Star Jones, and Debbie Matenopoulos, to co-hosts who later joined the show such as Jenny McCarthy and Nicolle Wallace.

Rosie O’Donnell, who served on the panel in 2006 and again in 2014, takes up several chapters in Ladies Who Punch due to her infamous outbursts and temperamental demeanor. Setoodah also interviewed longtime executive producer Bill Geddie, as well as those who tried out for a seat at the table like S.E. Cupp. Current co-hosts Behar and McCain also gave their feedback for the book.

Lots of roles to fill for ‘The View’ dramatization

Speculation is certainly about to start swirling on who to cast in the upcoming miniseries. “The TV series will cast A-list actresses to play Walters and her co-hosts,” according to Variety.

Following the news, Setoodah’s Twitter account received raves from followers as well as suggestions on casting. Jane Fonda and Sissy Spacek were mentioned to play Walters, Reese Witherspoon was a thought for Sara Haines, and recommendations on Meredith Vieira included Marisa Tomei and Sarah Paulson.

Considerations for Joy Behar included Bette Midler and even Julia Roberts. Margot Robbie was listed by a Twitter user to play Elisabeth Hasselbeck.

Time will tell who ends up landing these coveted roles, but The View miniseries is sure to be a ratings hit!

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4 thoughts on “Lots of roles for A-List Actresses to fill for ‘The View’ mini-series. And I Will Lobby Bette Midler Myself Not To Be In It!

  1. I am completely with you, Mister D! There is a HUGE difference bewteen ACTING trashy (which I found highly entertaining) and BEING trashy (which I won’t even comment on)! These dumb broads on the VIEW have no idea and no knowledge – and it’s as you say; it’s the lack of this distinctiveness that has caused all these massive problems we are facing…I hope the comment on Facebook which you received was meant in an ironic way (you being “a gay Republican”): rather a thinking citizen!
    On a different a more positive note: Do we know if “Family Jewels” is moving on?

  2. I didn’t even see that.But I am used to it. If you dare ask questions concerning your own party, we’ll, you know, I’m a Russian asset

  3. I haven’t asked about Family Jewels yet cause I’m sure they don’t know anything at this point. I mean nobody knows what the hell they are doing.

  4. As a side note, Netflix gave the “Politician” (Season 2) a date today, Friday, June 19th! I’m anxiously awaiting this one. My guess is Bette will be in all eight episodes–here’s hoping. I’m getting used to binge-watching these days, so the question is, “What to do on June 20th…lol ?”

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