Video: Bette Midler – Divine Miss Millenium Concert (Seattle 1999)

Bette Midler in Divine Miss Millenium
Bette midler in divine miss millenium

Complete version of Bette Midler’s Divine Miss Millenium concert filmed in Seattle 1999.


From A Distance
I´m Beautiful
You Make Me Feel
Do You Want To Dance Medley (Just My Imagination, Shining Star)
Lullaby In Blue
The Rose
I Regret Everything
Otto Titsling
The Lady Is A Tramp/Spohie Tucker
South Seas
My Way
Delores Delago
I Think It´s Going To Rain Today
Sunrise Sunset
Wind Beneath My Wings
Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy
Stay With Me
One For My Baby

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One thought on “Video: Bette Midler – Divine Miss Millenium Concert (Seattle 1999)

  1. Mister D, I really appreciate you posting these full length concerts. Having seen all of Bette’s concert tours (I missed “Clams on the Half Shell”, but that wasn’t really a tour), it’s terrific to bring back these memories, and see how the shows have evolved with each tour. And here I thought they weren’t being recorded–can we get a box set? (lol) The three standouts for me on this tour were “I Regret Everything” (so much fun), “Mary” (should have been recorded on CD), and “One for My Baby” (this is a song I never get tired of hearing Bette sing). Also, it’s nice to hear a couple Sophie jokes that were unique to this tour. I’m from the Bay Area (although now in Vegas), so I’ve been gratified that Bette has always included San Francisco/Oakland/Berkeley/Bay Area with all of her tours. I’m a bit upwards of seeing Bette in concert about 50 times, but I’m getting too old now to count with vivid recall. Hope she still has it in her to tour again, or record again. It’s been awhile since “It’s the Girls”. In any event, looking forward to “The Politician” this week (looks like she’ll be in all episodes), and “The Glorias” on Sep. 25. Pandemic and all, hoping this is a great year for the Divine! –Ron

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