Video: Chelsie Looney Tries A Bette Midler Makeover And This Is What Happens

Chelsie Looney Tries A Bette Midler Make Over

Chelsie does hair and make up for a business, writes a blog, and does videos, even when those where her makeup efforts fail. I thought this one was really funny, and of course, it pertains to our favorite subject, Bette Midler.

Here she tries to pay homage to Miss M by trying to make herself up to look like her. Did she succeed? No matter, she’s having fun and has loads of personality!

According to Chelsie, “This is my favorite fail of all time! I will nail this look someday.”

Sidenote: She really does good work though. Here she was having fun, but things just didn’t go right! lol

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