Gold Derby Poll: What is your favorite Song of the Year winner of the 1990s?

Gold Derby
What is your favorite Song of the Year winner of the 1990s?
By GD Staff
Sept 7, 2020

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How the fuck did From A Distance & Unforgettable even win? Quality aside aren’t covers ineligible?

I believe the Grammys have some weasely wording in the definition of the category, whereby a song is eligible if it “achieves prominence” for the first time during the eligibility period. This is basically how “From a Distance” was eligible, since the original Nanci Griffiths version only charted in Ireland, according to Wiki.

Having said that, while I get why they do this, it still strikes me as hypocritical. So they’re telling us that the song wasn’t worth a nomination when it was first written, but now that it’s popular its lyrical prowess has suddenly increased?? SMH…

“Unforgettable” is still impossible to explain, though. But then again, this is the same Academy that gave Bill Withers a Best R&B Song Grammy for “Lean on Me” — the CLUB NOUVEAU VERSION from the late 1980s…

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