Video: Scene From ‘Drowning Mona’ With Bette Midler, Danny DeVito, Neve Campbell, Casey Affleck, and Marcus Thomas

Bette Midler in Drowning Mona
Bette Midler in Drowning Mona

Video & Trivia For ‘Drowning Mona’

  • The first thing to appear on screen is a little blurb about the Yugo car company using the town of Verplanck as a test area for their new model years ago. Every vehicle in town that is not a truck is a Yugo, except the police cruisers, which are Plymouth Horizons.
  • Every character’s automobile has personalized plates.
  • While shooting this film, Neve Campbell was also working on Party of Five (1994) and Scream 3 (2000) while shooting this film, so she had to wear a wig for her role of Sidney Prescott in the latter.
  • Rona Mace (Jamie Lee Curtis) is an anagram for “a romance”.
  • The “Fetzer valve”, when Lucinda the mechanic is giving the Sheriff her findings of Mona’s car, she says the “Fetzer valve” had been punctured. A “Fetzer valve” is a fictional part of an engine, introduced in the movie Fletch (1985).
  • Mona Dearly (Bette Midler) is an anagram for “only a dream”.
  • Danny DeVito (Chief Wyatt Rash) and Tracey Walter (Clarence) appeared in Matilda (1996).
  • Casey Affleck has gone on record saying that both this film and Soul Survivors (2001) were his two least favorite films that he has worked on.
  • Danny DeVito and Bette Midler appeared in Ruthless People (1986).
  • Kathleen Wilhoite (Lucinda) and Melissa McCarthy (Shirley) appeared on Gilmore Girls (2000).
  • The character name, Wyatt Rash, was intentionally chosen by writer, Peter Steinfeld, to reflect the underlying premise of the movie — said fast enough, it sounds like … yup, White Trash!
  • The little cars–all Yugos–are identical; they only differ in color.
  • Jamie Lee Curtis and Neve Campbell are both known as “Final Girls” or “Scream Queens”, playing recurring heroines in their respective horror franchise films: Curtis in the “Halloween” franchise and Campbell in the “Scream” franchise–which is loosely based on the “Halloween” mythos.

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