Sorry for the long delay in getting back. Personal stuff and moving so abruptly caused problems I wasn’t prepared for… So I apologize

Well, I heard Bette lost the Emmy, but don’t despair. It was only for that last episode in Season One. I can’t imagine her not being nominated next year maybe in a different cataegory like. Best Comedy Actress in a Limited Run Or whatever category The Politician is listed under. Also I can see her being nominated for Coastal Elites as well. She’s been on quite a roll in her mid-70’s with Divine Intervention, Dolly, and now all this TV stuff. Who are these people calling her irrelevant. I swear she’s been relevant in every decade she’s been working… a very hard feat to achieve.

I know I risk viewership ship but I have just about had it with the toxic atmosphere of Facebook and Twitter. I can not go on either site because it’s nothing but disinformation on all sides and there’s been enough studies to show that it’s toxic and unhealthy. I know I get tense just going on there. My voice is like a lone wolf in the wilderness, but nobody wants to listen they are so entrenched or tribalistic on either side. And I am not a follow the crowd type. My goal is to come as close to the truth as possible. So I’m dumping Facebook and Twitter as far as BootlegBetty is concerned. Of course, you will be able to share whatever you want on there. I’m just talking about me. For now, I’ll still be sharing to Instagram and Pinterest. If any of you have any suggestions on other sites where you think BLB might be enjoyed, please let me know and I’ll certainly try them out.

This move was much harder than I thought physically and emotionally. I’ve had a few meltdowns since I’ve been here. My house in Nashville sold in two days and I wasn’t prepared to move so quick. My mom used to be a realtor and I had lived in Pensacola most of my life before Nashville. I loved my home there, but it was starting to need too many repairs. Barry and I had bought it 15 years ago. It was on 3 acres on top of a giant hill surrounded by forests and wildlife. Perfect. Barry and I went our separate ways about 5-7 years ago and I did not take it well, but we still talked or saw each other everyday. All in all we’ve been together 4o years since we were in our mid 20’s and have rarely been apart. He finally found a place he wanted to buy so we put the house up for sale and 2 days later it sold for more than we asked for. The house had tripled in value. My mom was an ex- realtor and I told her what I wanted, but she bought me a townhouse with nothing that I wanted and a across the highway from her. Ouch! My heart sank driving into my new neighborhood Every house looks the same. Same color, same design, same floor plan. My first crying spell. But I really liked the inside. The area is just grotesque. All the beautiful land as you’re going to the beach has been turned into a concrete jungle. There are woods in my backyard and if I go all the way through them I end up in a giant parking lot with pizzaplsces, Walgreens, Walmart, Publix, bank, a sushi place and Mexican food, oh and a small hospital. Perfect. But it’s just not me. Barry had driven down with me to help Move all 3 cats and to help move. I was useless and immature. I just slept thru the whole thing.

My biggest worry was that this represented the death of Barry and I. The first time we would be separated for real. I knew he’d visit and call. He stayed a few days to get things like I like them. I wouldn’t look at him when he came to say goodbye. I was curled up on my side crying when he kissed me goodbye. He said he’d be back soon. My brother drove Barry to the airport and said he was crying the whole way. It was awful

But now he calls everyday and texts and said he’s flying down here every month. He said he loves the inside but he needs to come back and do repairs And he says I love you when he gets off the phone. Maybe distance makes the heart grow fonder. But. Now we feel closer to One another than before.

I don’t know why I’m telling you this. I just feel comfortable sharing right now. Since I’m not going to be on Facebook or Twitter, be sure to share some articles there if you’re on it. And if there are places that you visit that I can share there, let me know and I’ll find their share Icon. Bette stuff coming soon.

Don (Mister D)

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2 thoughts on “Sorry for the long delay in getting back. Personal stuff and moving so abruptly caused problems I wasn’t prepared for… So I apologize

  1. Hey, you…you forgot being out of power due to a effing hurricane…:-P

    You are going to be even better without Facebook and twitter. I know I am…:-) haha

    I told you to do what GG did and move to Brazil…WHILE THERE’S still green spaces. Lord knows the assholes in charge here ar fucking a lot of it up…:-P

    See you on whatsapp & gmail LOL
    Love you.

    1. Oh that’s right. LOL I already forgot. Miserable, but it wasn’t a real bad one. I’ve been thru the bad ones and for some reason I’m about the only one who remains calm.

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