BetteBack January 14, 1976: Changing Times – Songs For The New Depression Tour

Corsair, Volume 47, Number 14, 14 January 1976
Changing Times
BY SALLY AN AW ALT Corsair Staff. Writer
The Music Box

Bette Midler King Kong

The year 1975 produced many changes in the musical realm. Several more prominent artists slowly began to fade from the scene. The Rolling Stones more or less said good-bye to the States; the very end of the Beatles era finally faded out; Dylan and Joan Baez made a new success with the Rolling Thunder Revue (though, in my opinion, Dylan reached his peak in the ‘6o’s); Joni Mitchell continued to pursue her rebirth of ’73; the Jefferson Starship returned to the scene; Janis lan returned as well; Bowie changed his image again; Newcomers like Springsteen and the Tubes made their marks; Roger Daltrey became a lousy actor; Elton John decided to take a rest; The Eagles became the No. 1 rock band in the world (according to the Rock Awards); and, as usual, thousands of new bands came and went, trying to make it big … But, until the last month of the year, one little lady’s career might as well have been finished.

Until Bette Midler went on her first tour in over two years, she had been pretty well forgotten. With no records in that same amount of time, it is easy to see how it happened. Fortunately, the Divine Miss “M” decided to go on tour again and to release her new album Songs for the New Depression.

When she performed for the seven final nights of the year at the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion, it was once again confirmed that Bette Midler has really got something unique and interesting to offer us. With a voice that can sometimes top even Joplin, she ranges in style from ‘4o’s blues to ‘6o’s musicals –and pulls it all off successfully.

Her shows include elaborate sets, outrageous outfits, hilarious scripts–infact, her shows top her music! When you walk away from a performance by Bette Midler, you’re exhausted. She puts all she’s got into her shows. She hides any sexual attractiveness that may have been there (but probably wasn’t) and really uses only her talent.

With the addition of three new background vocalists, her volume is formidable. What a way to bring in the New Year! The Divine Miss “M” has returned!

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