Bette Midler Celebrates Her Birthday By Posting This Photo On Her Instagram (Video Included)

Bette Midler Gets Leggy In A Garter Belt & High Heels With Cher
By Lucille Barilla
December 2, 2020

Bette Midler shared a throwback photo where she posed alongside Cher for a leggy snap where the two wore garter belts and high heels. The actress and performer posted the image as a way to celebrate her 75th birthday and said in the comments section of the post that she was lucky enough in her life to have experienced many great moments in her professional career, such as the one depicted in the photograph.

In the pic, the women stood close to one another. They performed a medley called “Trashy Ladies” on Cher’s eponymous talk show which aired in 1975 as seen in a YouTube video here. They sang all different types of songs about women of the night, as they danced and shook their bottoms to the delight of the audience in attendance, who laughed heartily at the slightly racy skit.

Bette Midler & Cher – Trashy Ladies

The women donned matching costumes which showed off their spectacular shapes in the image. At the time, Bette was 30, and Cher, 29.

Bette wore a pink and black teddy with lace trim and had a coordinating bow in her hair. She had a garter belt attached to the bottom with blue bows to which were clipped stockings. She finished her look with high heels.

Cher wore the same outfit as her co-star except hers was light blue with pink bows at the garters.

They danced and sang on a set that was in a circular shape. It had colorful doors with the names of the women of the night written on it. In the center of the set, Bette and Cher sat on a round, pink satin sofa with a high back that fit directly in the middle.

The ladies, who both gained prominence as strong female solo performers in the 1970s, have maintained their friendship for around 50 years. Both are still performing and use their social media platforms as a way to inform their followers about politics, environmental causes, and other social issues.

Celebrity pals of The Divine Ms. M were some of the first to comment. These included The Talk‘s Sharon Osbourne, actresses Andie MacDowell, Sandra Bernhard, and Sharon Stone, and choreographer Kenny Ortega.

Fans of the singers loved that Bette picked such an iconic photograph to celebrate her birthday.

“Happy day you amazing, beautiful human,” said one fan.

“Oh boy, I’m so grateful to your parents’ love 75 years and 9 months ago! Happy Birthday, Bette! You make the world a brighter place, to say the least,” wrote a second follower.

“This is a photo of two legendary, dynamic queens right here. This photo gives me life,” penned a third Instagram user.

Bette Midler & Cher
Bette midler cher today

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  1. Everytime I see this video I can’t get over the fact Chicago wasn’t filmed w these two at that time…LOL

    1. DID you know I found out the guys who wrote the musical Gypsy gave her the script and said, pick whatever part you want and it’s yours. She turned it down. I can’t remember her reasoning. I’n sure I would have posted it on here.

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