What Movie Was Bette Midler And Eddie Murphy Initially Going To Be Cast In? I Never Would Have Even Considered Them For This Award-Winning Film

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Eddie Murphy and Bette Midler
Eddie murphy and bette midler

Driving Miss Daisy

Driving Miss Daisy is the story of the relationship between a wealthy widowed 74-year-old woman, Daisy, and her Black chauffeur, Hoke, in the 1940s. Initially, producers considered casting Bette Midler and Eddie Murphy in their roles. However, Jessica Tandy and Morgan Freeman were ultimately cast, and they were much more age-appropriate to the roles than Midler and Murphy.

The film won Best Picture and Murphy’s replacement, Morgan Freeman, was nominated for Best Actor. Driving Miss Daisy was a huge stepping stone in Freeman’s career and it’s hard to imagine the film being as much of a success with Murphy, or that it would give his career the same boost as it did for Freeman.

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