Great Photoshoot Of Bette Midler’s Daughter, Sophie von Haselberg

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We’ve known the talented, witty, and beautiful actor Sophie Von Haselberg for a while. In addition to all the aforementioned superlatives, she’s also very wise and doesn’t take herself too seriously—as you’ll see in her clever recipe for getting dressed, below. We’re thinking that interesting ingredients were probably top of mind for Sophie since she’s partnered with Ariana Venturi for a fun cooking podcast called “Having A Night.” In addition to the podcast, Sophie had just finished working on a Netflix project for which she was given a cute, curly fringe. Scroll down to check out her spicy sense of style.

“A recipe for how I get dressed!

In a cocktail shaker, add:
1 Tbsp. 90s California Surfer dude
2 shots of “Oh man, I wish I was Italian”
1 ounce Absolut Clown
While no one is looking, add 1 cup of Cher Horowitz
Top with anything sparkling you have on-hand

Shake vigorously. Pour into a hollowed-out pineapple, using the pineapple top as a headpiece.
Find a silly straw and sip slowly.”

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