Bette Midler On The Passing Of Larry King

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Midler Reacts to Passing of Larry King: ‘A Great Interviewer and a Great Listener
By Katie Maloney
January 23, 2021

Larry King and Bette Midler circa 1965
Larry King and Bette Midler circa 1965

Performing legend Bette Midler says her goodbyes to television host icon, Larry King, in a recent social media post.

As a musical icon, Bettle Midler is no stranger to grandiose gestures and theatrics. However, Midler opted for a much more authentic and muted tone when she said her goodbyes to King today. Midler reacted to King’s passing today in a post on Twitter.

Along with a photo of herself with King on the set of his famous show, Midler wrote, “Goodbye and Godspeed to Larry King; a great interviewer and a great listener, and they are not the same thing. He always made me feel as though I were the only person in the room. Condolences to his family, friends, and fans around the world.

Followers quickly offered their condolences. One fan replied, “RIP Larry King! Condolences to his beloved family, friends, and fans. May they find solace in their memories of him. He will be greatly missed.”

Another follower wrote, “I always liked Larry King interviewing people. He was always a gentleman to his guests. Always letting them talk. I’m going to miss that. I saw the one with you Bette. It was good. And Larry was a gentleman to you. RIP Larry King.”

One follower commented on King’s interviewing style,”He gave his guests time – to talk, ruminate, and be themselves.”

Fans Honor Larry King’s Memory

After weeks of being hospitalized with COVID-19 while also dealing with numerous health issues, King passed away today. Larry King’s official Twitter account posted on his behalf today. They shared a photo of Larry standing proudly on the set of his famous television show.

Along with the photo, they wrote, “For 63 years and across the platforms of radio, television and digital media, Larry’s many thousands of interview, awards, and global acclaim stand as a testament to his unique and lasting talent as a broadcaster.”

They also included information about a TBA funeral announcement and memorial service.

One fan wrote, “Rest In Peace to a one of a kind. Prayers and love to his family.”

Another Larry King fan replied, “Used to listen to his radio show in the 80s on Mutual. The live call-ins were quite diverse with some pretty spicy takes that Larry could effortlessly diffuse and steer back to the topics at hand. Miss those shows, along with the format, and will miss Larry.”

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