Bette Midler Shares Her Wedding Pic From 1984

Bette Midler Shares Her Wedding Pic from 1984 that she first saw just 5 years ago

Martin von Haselberg and Bette Midler Wedding Photo
Martin von haselberg and bette midler wedding photo

“My wedding was two people — my husband and me — and, of course, the Elvis impersonator that married us,” Midler shared on Tuesday’s Jimmy Kimmel Live. “We eloped to Vegas so we had nobody except the Elvis impersonator.”

Midler and von Haselberg tied the knot in 1984, and Midler proudly declared that their nuptials were spur of the moment.

“I asked him,” she revealed.

“He had a tape of Nino Rota music from Juliet of the Spirits and we walked down the aisle and the Elvis impersonator did the ceremony and we walked out,” she said of the ceremony. “And the funny thing is that there were no cell phones, of course, in 1984 and we had no pictures.”

The longtime spouses had never seen photos from their big day until about five years ago.

“Apparently there was a photographer there and when the Starlight Chapel closed its doors, which was about five years ago, they sent us the pictures,” Midler said, showing off the ’80s portrait. “We’d never seen the pictures!”

Midler had weddings on the brain because her daughter, Sophie von Haselberg, had a small wedding last year amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

“They came in and they said they had some news for us, and I’m like, ‘She’s pregnant!’ It wasn’t that,” Midler quipped. “She said that they had decided they were going to get married. Of course, we were over the moon.”

Recalling that her husband did the food and she did the flowers for the big day, Midler said only 11 people were in attendance.

“It was so sweet, so sweet,” Midler shared. The famous singer laughed when Kimmel asked if Midler had performed at her daughter’s wedding, noting, “She spent the first five years of her life saying, ‘Mommy, don’t sing!'”

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