Bette Midler vs Mr. & Mrs. Potato Head

Bette Midler has different concerns about the Mr. Potato Head controversy
MAR 02, 2021 AT 1:52 PM

Bette Midler
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Hasbro’s recent decision to drop the “Mr.” label from its Mr. Potato Head collectibles sparked debate over gender roles, political correctness, cancel culture, and more, but Bette Midler isn’t seeing the issue at face value.

According to the 75-year-old singer, it’s more disconcerting to her where the self-contained, dress-up toy’s removable accessories and facial features are stored.

“Hasbro announced they are removing ‘Mr.” from Mr. Potato Head’s label, but that Mr. & Mrs. Potato Head will still exist,” she tweeted Monday. “I can’t believe people are worried about THAT, when what they SHOULD be worried about is how you store a bunch of dismembered body parts in the potato’s ass!”

A plastic lid on the back of Potato Heads opens so that pieces may be stored inside the hollow toy.

Mr. Potato Head to keep his name, despite toy product line being renamed gender-neutral ‘Potato Head’ »

It was reported Thursday that the Mr. Potato Head, introduced in 1952, would be repackaged under a gender neutral name in 2021. Hasbro later released a statement clarifying that the Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head characters would live on and kids would still have the option of dressing up their Potato Heads as they please.

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