Video: Bette Midler Has A Wicked Witty Little Ditty For The Elephantine Party

Bette Midler in Divine Madness
Bette Midler in Divine Madness

A MeidasTouch & Bette Midler Production


Parody lyrics by: Eric Kornfeld

Music Direction by Marc Shaiman
Orchestration by Ryan O’Connell
Featuring Sophie von Haselberg
Vocals by The Divine Bette Midler

Executive Produced by MeidasTouch

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<strong>Bette Midler Sings From Mary Poppins Returns<strong>

The GOP’s A Cult For Scammers
Lyrics: Eric Kornfeld

voter fraud 
this election was stolen
where is the evidence
right here sean molly bobbins why does
the gop want to stop minorities from voting
 because they know minorities won't vote
 for them is that why papar caught tucker 
 carson a stupid 

[ _ ] young man you know you're forbidden to use those words tucker and carlson what may we say when we're frustrated with republican leadership molly bobbins well there is one word but it's very long and difficult to pronounce perhaps if i sing it [Music] is g o p's are called for scammers liars thugs and traitors old and rich and mostly male good christian loving haters moscow mitch and cancun ted and all their imitators plus matt gates the norman bates of liars thugs and traitors jin jordan is a scary twit whose scandals are quite crass ron johnson is an idiot josh holly what an [ _ ] 

there's tommy tubes and marco rubes and  batshit margery a 

[ _ ] backward bunch of boobs now throw in lady g oh gops occult for scammers liars thugs and traitors facts don't stand a chance in hell for fox's commentators tucker sean and laura are prolific nauseators bobert plus because he equals liars bugs and traitors of course there are those who say it backwards to show off trainers liars thugs and scammers coach is the gop the country's in the toilet from the liar they absorb and still they won't admit or call the orange fraud of fraud but i know we will make it and i'll tell you how i know cause finally in the white house there's a leader we call jose please don't be a gop brain liar [ _ ] or  traitor
we need more solutions not another
 lies are wrong truth is right and no one
 likes a hater
 brotherhood's our common good and makes
 us even greater
 so don't be a schmuck like tucker be
 more like ruth bader
 with our states united all america
 is great


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