Audio: Midler Hits Just The Right Notes + Extras & Rareness

Bette Midler
<strong>bette midler<strong>

Bette Midler: Daytime Hustler – Live At The Frog And Nightgown – 1972

Bette Midler Sings Daytime Hustler
(Written by Jeff Kent)

Joanne Vent: The Original Demo Of Daytime Hustler – 1972

Joanne Vent: Daytime Hustler = Original Demo – 1972

Bette Midler - Empty Bed Blues
<strong>bette midler<strong>

Bette Midler – Empty Bed Blues – The Intimate Tour – 1978
 (J. C. Johnson)

Bette Midler – Empty Bed Blues – The Intimate Tour – 1978

<strong>bette midler gift of love remix<strong>

Bette Midler – Gift Of Love Remix – 1990
(Tom KellyBilly SteinbergSusanna Hoffs
Trivia: Susanna Hoffs was the lead singer of The Bangles

Bette Midler – Gift Of Love Remix – 1990

Bette Midler sings Gone At Last in Clams On The Half Shell Revue
<strong>bette midler sings <em>gone at last<em> in clams on the half shell revue<strong>

Bette Midler & Paul Simon & Jesse Dixon Singers – Gone At Last (Demo) – 1975
(Written by Paul Simon)
Trivia: Paul Simon cut Bette’s vocals out of the song, gospelized it, and replaced her with Phoebe Snow

Bette Midler & Paul Simon & Jesse Dixon Singers – Gone At Last (Demo) – 1975

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6 thoughts on “Audio: Midler Hits Just The Right Notes + Extras & Rareness

  1. I just found your site! Love “Gone at Last” & had no idea thar Paul had written it. I think I remember Phoebe signing it on SNL? It’s nice that Paul and Bette are on YT as buds singing for charity. I like”Gift of Love” remix, & always thought the CD versionhad a “ping” to it, ( almost in time of Hoff’s Eternal Flame”. Still so beautiful. Gosh, 1990? 31 yrs? – oh live life to the fullest – that was like yesterday?

  2. I had never heard that version of Paul Simon’s “Gone At Last” but, and I am merely speculating here, but I do not hear Paul Simon’s voice on here, it sounds like it might be one of the Jesse Dixon Singers, and I would venture a guess, given the 1975 year, that it might be audio from Bette’s “Clams On The Half Shell Revue” as she does a medley of that song and “Higher & Higher” from her 2nd album. Just a thought. Great find! Thank you Don.
    PS I actually saw the show on Broadway in 1975, my first trip ever to NYC.

    1. No, it’s Paul. It was a bonus track he added on to his “Still Crazy After All These Yeas” Anniversary release. He put all the credits in the booklet and he sang, but Bette’s vocals went uncredited. I’m sure she asked him to keep her name off….

  3. Fascinating, I had no idea. I am very impressed with how Paul sounds here, and am a huge fan of his. Thank you for all that information and everything else you do, it is very much appreciated!

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