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Bette Midler Caricature - Chicago Tribune Magazine - 1972
<strong>bette midler caricature chicago tribune magazine 1972<strong>

Trailer: Mister Kelly’s Chicago

Mister Kelly’s Chicago

Building on the success of live entertainment at the London House, the Marienthal brothers opened Mister Kellys in 1956, a nightclub venue that launched the careers of familiar comedians and singers such as Richard Pryor, George Carlin, Mort Sahl, Better Midler, and Barbara Streisand. Located on the notorious Rush Street in downtown Chicago, Mister Kellys revolutionized the nightclub industry. Both clubs became synonymous with big talent and celebrity lifestyles. The brothers themselves became Chicago superstars, sharing tables with politicians, business tycoons, and athletes, along with famous performers. This page will be a place for all to reminisce, share, learn, and connect, in the warm glow of the memories of Mister Kelly’s.

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