Adele Talks Of Her Love Of Bette Midler + Photo Gallery

Adele Opens Up About Fame, Drinking, and (of course) Beyoncé
Nov 24, 2016

Adele & Bette Midler
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On her enduring love of Beyoncé and Bette Midler

Mister D: I had been given tickets for the opening show of Divine Intervention in, I think, in Hollywood, FL, and I was going to meet the talented Bettehead Molly, but honestly that was when my life started unraveling so bad that I let Jill know I wasn’t coming. I never in my life thought I’d see the day that would happen. But. of course, all the Betteheads were uploading stuff. I just got the impression it was her farewell tour, and it sounds silly or crazy but just knew in the frame of mind I was in, I just wouldn’t be able to take it. Yes, I’m highly sensitive in both meanings of the word. But a few years later I began to learn how to control my emotions, so I could think clearer, and not make decisions solely based on emotions, and that has helped a lot But to get to the point, at the time I felt just like what Adele felt she was witnessing when she saw Bette’s last tour.

Adele on her enduring love of Beyoncé and Bette Midler: “[Beyoncé] is my Michael Jackson,” and, “I’ve obviously loved [Bette] for years. I like her humor, but she’s a fucking great singer, a really amazing singer. When I watched her show, I felt like I was really watching the last legend. No one’s made like that anymore.”

Adele Talks About Bette in Rolling Stone

Seeing a recent Bette Midler concert helped shape her ideas about playing intimate shows in large venues.

“Bette Midler is just my absolute fucking hero,” says Adele. “I absolutely adore everything about her. I think she’s so talented. I felt like I was watching the last legend that’s left. Like, proper, old-school legend. And she was absolutely fucking amazing. Her voice was amazing, the show was amazing, the humor was amazing. It was, like, the best show I’ve ever, ever seen. And that was in an arena. Obviously she’s fucking Bette Midler; I’m not Bette Midler. But it does work. I’m obviously not going to put on a show like Bette Midler, because it’s almost musical theater, but the talking thing worked in that venue. You’re hanging on every word.”

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