Transcripts From Prez Biden & Bette Midler Kennedy Center Honors

Mister D: I’m a just taking my time. Don’t mind me! One of my character strengths is procastination. The Other Is Nodding Off! But I Persist. I am The Turtle!

Bette Midler & Martin Von Haselberg Post Medallion Celebration
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Prez Joe Biden’s Remarks On Bette Midler 13 Minute Mark

Transcript Of President Joe Biden’s Remarks On Bette Midler


Bette Midler

President Joe Bidens Induction of bette Midler
December 5, 2021

And, Bette Midler, God love you. I am such an unadulterated fan. Bette is a true American treasure. You know, it’s hard to fully capture the range and breadth of her career and her talents in a span a decade or two.

But t to paraphrase Maya Angelou: People will never forget how you make them feel. People will never forget how you make them feel. Bette, that’s your gift. It’s an incredible gift

Jill was reminding us — we went to see Bette on Broadway when our two boys were a lot — when my two boys were young. And in the middle of her show, she stopped and looked down — we had great seats and like seven, eight rows back. She looks, she said, “Who would bring two kids to a show like this?” (Laughter.) My boys used that as a badge of courage their entire career. (Laughter.) “Bette Midler picked us out in a show.” (Laughter.)

You’re a performer without peers, Bette, staying grounded with empathy and just connecting with people and all walks of life.

You sort of reach down deep and you grab their souls. You make them feel. You make them laugh. You find joy, and you give them a little bit of hope

You know, your own stages — on your own stage — well, we’re just lucky to have you. Just lucky to have you and to watch one of America’s greats. I really mean it. You’re something else.

And although you weren’t thinking of me, I keep thinking you’re thinking of me when you said the wings beneath — the wind beneath my wings. (Laughter.) So I — you know, as I said, I’m going to show you my cellphone in a minute. (Laughter.)

And congratulations to “The Divine Miss M.” I tell you. (Applause.)

Bette Midler’s Acceptance Speech For Her Kennedy City Honors

Bette Midler Speechifying
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Transcript Of Bette Midler’s Acceptance Speech Kennedy Center Honors

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