More Videos Honoring Bette Midler

Bette Midler as Delores Delago
<strong><em><span class=has inline color has vivid cyan blue color>Bette Midler as Delores Delago<span><em><strong>

Honoree Bette Midler On Finding Out She Was An Inductee

Bette Midler on the Red Carpet

Barbera Hershey Talks Bette Midler

Barbara Hershey on the Red Carpet

Goldie Hawn Talks Bette Midler

Goldie Hawn on the Red Carpet

Billy Porter Talks Bette Midler

Billie Porter on the Red Carpet

Beanie Feldstein Talks Bette Midler

Beanie Feldstein on the Red Carpet

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2 thoughts on “More Videos Honoring Bette Midler

  1. I felt good about the Billy Porter story…I remember watching First Wives and loving this song sung by him (I didnt’t know it was him back then), and I remember thinking “Why Bette didnt’t sing it?” and I remember reading that Bette had seen him sing it at a party and decided to give him a shot…” Then I remember listening to this song on Celine Dion’s album and I didnt’t feel the same way…this is MY particular story on my experiences listening to this song by different singers, but after listening to this testemony I feel a lot makes sense I it was really empowering the fact that he was the one to honor Bette at this moment…To me, being able to be seen at a mainstream outltet, when you sare not really in the mainstream, is the very essence of Bette’s body of work…and I love it..

    1. Yeah I finally remembered it before I saw that clip and I loved the song cause I remember I went who the fuck is that. Then I remembered Bette telling him about a scene in FWC where it would be a pivotal scene and people would hear it so I agree with you. I didnt know Celine sang it. She looks really rough. I feel sorry for her.

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