‘Don’t Look Up’ – Critics And The General Public Vs Scientists

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Don’t Look Up’
By Ray Pride
Jan 1, 2022

Bette Midler at Variety
Bette Midler at Variety

Peter Kalmus: “The movie Don’t Look Up is satire. But speaking as a climate scientist doing everything I can to wake people up and avoid planetary destruction, it’s also the most accurate film about society’s terrifying non-response to climate breakdown I’ve seen.”

Todd Gilchrist: “Even among our perpetual cycle of outrage, people seem especially concerned about other people’s reactions to Don’t Look Up. I liked it a lot, and if you did too then cool, but if you didn’t that’s good for you! Let’s all live our lives and move on.”

Barbara Crampton: “Whatever you think of Don’t Look Up..its message is fucking clear. Listen to scientists and vote for leaders who will make changes. These rampant wildfires were predicted 5 years ago… it’s all coming true. Wake up”

Bette Midler: “Just finished watching Don’t Look Up, and it was flat-out fantastic. We laughed, we cried and I’m so glad it got made. The line ‘We really had everything, didn’t we?’ will resonate for all. Congratulations to all involved, and kudos to Netflix. I hope it goes the distance.”

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