Videos: Wrapping Up Bette Midler And The Kennedy City Honors

Bette Midler, actress and singer-songwriter, is applauded by her peers at the 44th Kennedy Center Honorees
Bette midler actress and singer songwriter is applauded by her peers at the 44th kennedy center honorees reception in the east room of the white house in washington u S december 5 2021 Reutersken cedeno

Bette Midler – Kennedy Center Honors

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4 thoughts on “Videos: Wrapping Up Bette Midler And The Kennedy City Honors

  1. Don this was FANTASTIC!!!! I feel do lucky to have met her X3. You post the most wonderful things/videos about Bette.
    I saw the picture the other day, of you Spencer Brown,( Daisy Bucket) and myself the other day. I wish you lived closer. Even though we are older, FDLOL, how much fun we could have. I’m still friends w/Spencer, so if he knew that you were here, he would make you the star of one of his shows.

    Honesty, Don I do miss seeing you. I hope all is well with you. Email or send me a message when you get time. Judy or Guess who Me LOL

    1. I miss seeing you and Spence. I was thinking about when I came down for his musical The Rose. I would really love to see that again. I was so proud of him and enjoyed it so much I so badly wanted to see that again. Surely he filmed that. Tell him I’d love a copy just for myself. I never remember if I told him how much I loved it. Such a big undertaking and he succeeded. I was so glad I went. Love you.

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