Oscar’s Flashback To 1982: Bette Midler Won The Night

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Bette Midler Steals The 1982 Oscars By Trashing The Songs Nominated
By Mister D

Bette Sure Knows How To Make An Entrance At The Oscars 1982
Bette Sure Knows How To Make An Entrance At The Oscars 1982

Bette Midler Steals The 1982 Oscars As A Presentor

Well, from what a remember of that Oscar night was Bette Midler was feisty and in a good mood and she felt like having a little fun trashing the songs or the movies they came from. Look, I’m trying to remember things off the cuff, but I got the basics right. Please don’t cancel me or send me to Australia.

Before that Christopher Cross was to sing one of the nominated songs, Arthur’s Theme, and he said he was so nervous, anxiety-ridden, and felt like throwing up. Bette came over to console him and he told her about all his little aches and pains. He said Bette told him to breathe deeply, in and out, try to look at the stars all naked, but never forget you’re singing to 2 billion people on TV. He said it was exactly what you’d think from The Divine Miss M

Bette Midler at the 1982 0scars

The other thing I remembered was that all 3 Disney execs were in the audience. They would be opening Disney’s new branch studio focused more on adult or mature audiences. While she was trashing the songs one remembered how talented she was, the incredible performance in The Rose, that she was funny, and she could sing and dance, too, I’m sure I’m talking about Katzenberg. It dawned on Katzenberg that she’d be fabulous as the face of Touchstone pictures. Of course that only led to her legendary status. In the 80’s she was the #1 box office female star and Tom Cruise was the #1 box office male star.

Bette said she pretty much never said anything about her success because she wasn’t ready for the claws to come out, But it did show the dearth between the actors and actresses. In the 1990s Julia Roberts became the actress who stood out from the pack. By the mid-2000s, actresses started to take over especially when Jennifer Lawrence came along. She rose over the male actors about 4 years in a row.

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