Another Movie For Bette Midler “The Fabulous Four”

Susan Sarandon, Bette Midler & Megan Mullally To Star In Wedding Comedy ‘The Fabulous Four’ — Cannes Market Hot Pic
By Andreas Wiseman
May 11, 2022

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EXCLUSIVE: Oscar winner Susan Sarandon (Thelma & Louise), Oscar nominee Bette Midler (The First Wives Club), and Emmy winner Megan Mullally (Will And Grace) are attached to star in The Fabulous Four from director Jocelyn Moorhouse (The Dressmaker).

The feel-good comedy will follow two life-long friends (Sarandon, and Mullally) who travel to Key West to be bridesmaids in a surprise wedding of their college girlfriend Marilyn (Midler). When there, sisterhoods are rekindled, the past rises up, and sparks, drinks and romance fly.

The plan is to start pre-production in July and begin filming in September in Atlanta, Georgia and Key West, Florida.

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7 thoughts on “Another Movie For Bette Midler “The Fabulous Four”

  1. YESSS, please, tell me this one is going to happen. My two favorite American actresses…

    plus, if this doesn’t come true, people my blame Susan Sarandon…
    Sorry, couldn’t help it… hahaha

  2. Just thought I’d do a quick check-up with the IMDB, as even when they oft times get things wrong, they’re still pretty much in the know. Oddly, it appears they that have created a sidebar category titled “Projects in Development”, which hopefully separates the pipe dream projects from the reality projects. “In Development” are the Fabulous Four, Divanation, and the Tale of the Allergist’s Wife (moved from pre-production to In Development).

    A bit of a surprise, though, is that Family Jewels has been moved from In Development to pre-production, with a name change from Family Jewels to A Childhood History Plan. No further announcements as to additional cast members, but an already announced theatrical release date of May 9, 2024. It appears that the release date is designed to coincide with Mother’s Day, although that is a guess on my part. There seems to be so many people (producers, writers, etc.) in place for both the Fabulous Four and A Childhood History Plan that I’m thinking Bette has at least a couple future projects that might actually occur (this time). Fingers crossed. Now, I’d love to hear a new studio music soundtrack from her. It seems like it’s almost been a decade since (It’s the Girls), and I’m grateful for Hello, Dolly. You know me–always greedy for

    1. Yeah, I’ve written about all those. That has to be the worst title change in history for Family Jewels. Jill Bette’s assistant said they have never been contacted about allergies wife. And sincr the trio is making a movie I just don’t see the other being made and I’d rather see Divanayion as opposed to Jewels. Both would be great. Every Sharon Stone interview she mentions allergies wife with Bette. Bruce said sometimes scripts will name-drop people to get more interest in a script but that just seems so dishonest. And IMDB, since other people can enter stuff in if you buy a high priced subscription can enter shit that’s not true or maybe anyone associated with the movie, but Wikipedia is the same way
      . I’m excited about the 4 better go through

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