See Bette Midler Sing 1st!!! Take For “Stay With Me” From ‘The Rose’

People Magazine TV Clip
Edited Clip Of Bette Midler in ‘The Rose In Concert’
By Mister D
August 8, 2022

See Bette Midler Sing 1st!!! Take For "Stay With Me" From 'The Rose'
<strong><em>see bette midler sing 1st Take for stay with me from the rose<em><strong>

The Bette Midler Sequence Starts At (18:20) This Midler sequence from the filming of “The Rose,” starring Bette Midler, is an edited segment for the People TV show filmed on September 19, 1978. I remember there used to be a full segment at one time, so you might want to check. There were a few interviews. You saw Bette having to do three takes of the song, and when she is walking off the stage, they announce one more take, and she pretends to collapse on the ground, but it was meant to be funny. I’m too tired to look up to see if that full version is up, but I’m pretty sure YouTube took it down.

The Voiceover explains that the audience for this “live concert” got paid $15 apiece to pretend to be concertgoers in the movie. How lucky can you get? The reporter talks to several audience members and leaves it to a straight guy not to know who she is, but he’s a fan now.

Mark Rydell, the director, gives direction to the tens of thousands of extras, telling them to be really enthusiastic, and I remember he said try not to scream Bette Midler I really don’t think that they needed to be told. Well, I guess it didn’t hurt. I would have loved to be there, and from what I heard, it was a full day. Bette entertained throughout doing other songs from The Rose along with other rock songs while things were being set up. You can find the audio on my site: Bootleg Betty.

The Bette Midler Sequence Starts At (18:20)

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5 thoughts on “See Bette Midler Sing 1st!!! Take For “Stay With Me” From ‘The Rose’

  1. Loved this! I was an extra for her indoor concert scenes filmed at the Wiltern Theatre in L.A. We were asked to dress in 1960’s attire and not call her Bette. She’s the Rose!

    1. Thats so cool. I had heard that. Don’t you think they filmed that and it’s just lying around somewhere. I don’t know if you saw this but I have a lot of audio from that concert but the sounds not so hot if you haven’t heard it, type in the search engine on my site The Rose in Concert and it should come up.. I’m writing this in my phone. I just killed my laptop. Me and my boyfriend of 30 years broke up and I just got screwed over so badly financially and we had talked about Under any circumstances that it would be 50/50’cause we didn’t want to fight like other people did. Well. He walked off with over 300 thou I walked off with 50 thou. I went in with my mok ny getting a townhoud the setting j just hate iy. I loved where I edd living im 3 acreds in a giant hill surrounded by forests and wild LLC
      .I’ve tripped and fallen flat om my face and knocked out all my teeth. I fell down backwards down my flight of stairs and busted my head open in a pool of blood but could not figure where I was for 2o minutrd. I yelled out for Barry to wake up. Then I nóticethe blood on my handd. Memory came back my phone was up stairs but I had to crawl from the front to the back and asked Alexa to call an ambulance. Had to have stitches then the hallucinations I wrote my doctor one day and told him I had made all these appointments and said now doc help me with my mother from driving me crazy till I oft myself. My humor didn’t come through cops shoer up and handcuffed me, arrested me in my underwear a T+,shirt and barefoot under the guide that I was s danger to myself. I told myself you can cry or have fun n with this so I decided to have fun And boy did I. They decided they didn’t think I was depressed then I went into journalists mode found out so much about conspiracy theories that weren’t the social worker who was releasimg me we bonded cause I had been one at the Side clinic herem they made me a counselor andbl turned out to be hreat.well she opened up to me and I was appalled I know this is hard to read and I can’t see very well. Think I accidentally took double dose if héart med, just ignore all this if boring.

  2. Again, thank you for posting this too! Just fantastic. Why this wasn’t included in The Criterion Collection release of The Rose is beyond me! So great to see this scene/song in a completely different way. Still my favorite film and she was robbed of The Oscar! How I wish I was there, and I lived so close to the location, but didn’t know about it. Don, hope you are doing better! 😉 Bette is the Best!!!!!! One more tour, music box set and oh, please, anything, Bette!!!

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