Bette Weighs In On Whether Tom Cruise Is Gay

Jann Wenner’s New Autobiography
By Greg Evans
Sept 10, 2022

Bette Weighs In On Whether Tom Cruise Is Gay
Bette Weighs In On Whether Tom Cruise Is Gay

Wenner says he was friendly with Tom Cruise for a while but admits that the Top Gun star is a cipher.

He writes of one Rolling Stone profile, for which a reporter was allowed to meet Cruise’s mother and sister and go on a guided tour of a Scientology Center with the actor, who is an ardent devotee of the religion.

“It seemed he was opening up, but in the end, he said nothing; he thoroughly deflects,” Wenner writes. “You walk away thinking you know the guy, but all you know is that there is a confident and extremely polite man. He wouldn’t even reveal whether he was for or against [President George W.] Bush.

“What the f–k is he guarding? Why is he in a super-secretive cult? He is a great talent. He is Super Tom. All his secrecy gave rise to the suspicion that he was gay. I never got a ping on my gaydar,” writes Wenner, who is gay, “but gay people persisted in what Bette [Midler] one night called ‘swishful thinking.’”

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