Bette Weighs In On Whether Tom Cruise Is Gay

Jann Wenner’s New Autobiography
By Greg Evans
Sept 10, 2022

Bette Weighs In On Whether Tom Cruise Is Gay
<strong>bette weighs in on whether tom cruise is gay<strong>

Wenner says he was friendly with Tom Cruise for a while but admits that the Top Gun star is a cipher.

He writes of one Rolling Stone profile, for which a reporter was allowed to meet Cruise’s mother and sister and go on a guided tour of a Scientology Center with the actor, who is an ardent devotee of the religion.

“It seemed he was opening up, but in the end, he said nothing; he thoroughly deflects,” Wenner writes. “You walk away thinking you know the guy, but all you know is that there is a confident and extremely polite man. He wouldn’t even reveal whether he was for or against [President George W.] Bush.

“What the f–k is he guarding? Why is he in a super-secretive cult? He is a great talent. He is Super Tom. All his secrecy gave rise to the suspicion that he was gay. I never got a ping on my gaydar,” writes Wenner, who is gay, “but gay people persisted in what Bette [Midler] one night called ‘swishful thinking.’”

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