Bette Midler – Beast Of Burden (Ron’s Macarone Midler Mix)

Bette Midler – Beast Of Burden
(Ron’s Macarone Midler Mix)

beastofburden bettemidlermickjagger

A very upbeat and danceable version of Beast Of Burden By Ron Macarona

Bette Midler-Beast Of Burden-Ron’s Macarone Midler Mix Edit

During an interview, posted by CBC, Midler talked about Jagger, laughing her way through it. She praises his work, stating: 

“He is really sharp. You listen to some of those songs, I can’t believe he wrote them. He is so good.”

Bette Midler

<strong>beastofburden bettemidlermickjagger<strong>

Though praising the “Sympathy for the Devil” singer, she notes that he isn’t one to “give” his music away. Midler shared: 

“Of course, he won’t give you nothing. To ask him to write a song for you, forget it. You can crawl. You can go on your hands and knees. You can bribe him. He will not give you one note. That’s why you wind up, when you wind up singing a Stones song, it’s always a cover…”

Bette Midler

Bette Midler & Mick Jagger: Beast Of Burden

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