Show Me Your Titles Podcast: A 3-Movie Bette Midler Tribute

Show Me Your Titles Podcast
A 3-Movie Bette Midler Tribute
April 29, 2023

The ladies of SHOW ME YOUR TITLES Podcast pay tribute to Bette Midler by reviewing Then She Found Me, The First Wives Club, and THE ROSE.

Then She Found Me

Then She Found Me dir: Helen Hunt starring: Helen Hunt, Bette Midler, Colin Firth, Matthew Broderick, Salman Rushdie, Lynn Cohen.

<strong>bettemidler thenshefoundme<strong>

First Wives Club

First Wives Club dir: Hugh Wilson starring: Bette Midler, Goldie Hawn, Diane Keaton, Maggie Smith, Sarah Jessica Parker, Dan Hedaya, Elizabeth Berkley, Stockard Channing, Victor Garber, Marcia Gay Harden, Bronson Pinchot, Philip Bosco.

The Rose

The Rose dir: Mark Rydell starring: Bette Midler, Alan Bates, Frederic Forrest, Harry Dean Stanton, and Doris Roberts.

<strong>bettemidler therose<strong>

Show Me Your Titles Podcast: 2008-06-22
Bette Midler tribute: Then She Found Me, First Wives Club, the Rose

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5 thoughts on “Show Me Your Titles Podcast: A 3-Movie Bette Midler Tribute

  1. I’m listening to it… It’s fun, but I can’t help asking”how old are those girls?” They must be much younger than me… How come haven’t they watched any other film with Colin Firth? LOL

    I’m still listening to the Then She Found it part…

  2. Btw, they barely talk about Bette when analysing the first two films… LOL. Don’t expect a fangirl podcast like “For the Girls”. They aren’t Betteheads, they talk about all aspects of the movies and I thought it was interesting to listen to people who aren’t like us when talking about Bette. It’s refreshing to move out of our bubble LOL

    They talk about how amazing she is in The Rose. So you can skip to that part if you are a impatient Bettehead LOL

    Also, they talk about the lesbian kiss scene and how they don’t know why they kind of cut it. Can someone tell them it was Aaron Russo who didn’t want to show the whole thing? Bette said that in an interview when the movie came out… It’s somewhere online.

    It’s still fun to listen when doing the dishes or something…

  3. I loved listening to what those girls had to say about “THE ROSE.” (Only one thing was commented on that was not really accurate…after the lesbian scene Houston does not beat Rose up…he never gets physical with her in the movie but she does get violent with him including throwing empty booze bottles at him…) Other than that they got it all right and I very much agreed with their review. It is Bette Midler’s most outstanding film achievement in my opinion and she absolutely SHOULD HAVE WON THE OSCAR for her electrifying performance.
    On YOUTUBE their is a channel called “MINTY COMEDIC ARTS” and he does videos about all kinds of different movies. They are called “10 THINGS YOU DIDN’T KNOW ABOUT…” and he offers interesting tid-bits and facts about each film that is featured. I wish he would do a “10 THINGS YOU DIDN’T KNOW ABOUT THE ROSE” and I often leave a comment on his videos making that request. So far he has not responded to my request but I still wish he would do it. He did one called “10 THINGS YOU DIDN’T KNOW ABOUT HOCUS POCUS.”

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