1988 Clip Of Mayim Bialik Singing “Glory Of Love” From “Beaches”

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Mayim Bialik’s Video Singing ‘Beaches’ Tune in the ’80s Will Brighten Your Mood
By Tatiana Tenreyro
May 12, 2023

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In Beaches, Bialik plays the younger version of C.C. Bloom, while Bette Midler portrays the older version of the character. In a flashback, young C.C. performs “The Glory of Love.” However, Bialik told Hall that she didn’t actually sing for the movie, though she can carry a tune. He asked her to sing the song, and though Bialik initially laughed it off, she went for it when the show’s band began playing the song.

In a 2013 piece for Kveller, Bialik wrote that she was on The Arsenio Hall Show five times, with that 1988 appearance being her first. She noted that she also played the trumpet on the episode, writing, “Yes, I was that precocious actor kid giggling and playing a musical instrument for the pleasure of the audience.” 

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