Sitting in Bars with Cake is the most-watched movie on Prime Video worldwide

Prime Video: The most-watched movie worldwide just six days after its premiere
By Staff
Sept 14, 2023

Prime Video has refreshed its global Top 10 along with its catalog, and now a new romantic comedy has won the hearts of users, making it the most-watched on the platform. Check out which one it is here.

It’s no surprise that Prime Video constantly updates its catalog, especially when it comes to adding big new titles. This week, they also updated their global Top 10, and a new movie has become the most-watched.

It’s a romantic comedy that managed to dethrone My Fault as the most chosen by users in several countries. This is quite an achievement, especially considering that the Spanish drama had been leading the ranking for several weeks.

The new success is based on the book of the same name, written by Audrey Shulman. The author herself adapted the screenplay for the adaptation, with Trish Sie chosen to direct the project.

Sitting in Bars with Cake was released less than a week ago and has already become the most-watched movie on Prime Video. It currently holds the top spot not only globally but also in the United States.

The story follows Jane, a quiet young woman who has no luck in love. One day, she takes a cake she has prepared for her best friend’s birthday to a bar and finds herself surrounded by a flood of men.

Yara Shahidi and Odessa A’zion are the lead actors in the film, while Bette Midler, Ron Livingston, Maia Mitchell, Aaron Domínguez, Rish Shah, Martha Kelly, Adina Porter, Navid Negahban and Simone Recasner complement the cast perfectly.

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