Bette Midler As Benita in ‘Sitting In Bars With Cake’

‘Benita’ – Sitting In Bars With Cake – Edit
By Midler’s Wife
Sept. 19, 2023

Bette Midler’s character in Sitting in Bars with Cake is Benita, the head of the entertainment agency that employs Jane and Corinne, the two main protagonists. Benita is a demanding and dismissive boss, but not outlandishly so, given her powerful position. She wears black leather pants and has a big heart. She is a mentor to Corinne, who wants to impress her as an aspiring music agent. Benita is also a friend to Jane, who works in the agency mailroom while preparing for law school.  Ms., Midler appears in the film as a guest star and has a low-key performance that contrasts well with her usual over-the-top roles

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