Hocus Pocus Theory Poses Allison As A Secret 4th Witch

A ‘Hocus Pocus’ Reddit Theory Claims There’s A Secret Fourth Witch
By Sam Ramsden
Oct. 3, 2023

Disney’s Hocus Pocus has remained a Halloween staple in the 30 years since its release. However, a viral fan theory has compelled some fans to view the beloved film in a whole new light.

Released in 1993, the spooky season favorite stars Bette Midler, Sarah Jessica Parker, and Kathy Najimy as the villainous Sanderson witches who set out to terrorize the town of Salem, Massachusetts after being inadvertently resurrected on Halloween night.

Along with the brother and sister duo Max and Dani Dennison, the character of Allison Watts attempts to put a stop to the Sanderson Sisters’ diabolical spell, which involves draining the life of children to maintain their youth. However, one Reddit theory claims that Allison was a secret fourth witch all along.

Outlining their reasoning behind the theory, the Redditor pointed out that Allison’s family “descended from the upper crust of Salem’s founders” and have a long history in the famed town. Meanwhile, Allison also expresses a keen interest in witches throughout the film, revealing that her mother used to run the Sanderson Sister Museum.

Alison was anxious to end the black flame candle curse and found her chance in Max. She charms him, takes him to the Sanderson house, and leads him through an adventure to end Salem’s 300-year curse,” the user added.

In one scene towards the end of the film, Allison also manages to protect herself from the witches by surrounding herself in a circle of salt. “What a clever little white witch,” Winifred Sanderson (Midler) quips in response to Allison’s quick thinking, giving some credence to the aforementioned theory.

The suggestion of Allison’s supernatural powers sparked debate among fans on Reddit, with some declaring the theory a “bunch of hocus pocus.”

“I am not sure what to make of this theory,” one user wrote. ‘That is not to say she is not a witch, just that it is unlikely since she is allied with the ‘good’ people in the movie.”

Although some fans are skeptical of the theory, the actor who played Allison, Vinessa Shaw, shared that her character being a witch “was intentionally implied” through her wardrobe. Specifically, a “pentagram-looking” necklace that features a design commonly associated with witchcraft.

Shaw also revealed to The Wrap that she appreciates fans’ enthusiasm for the ‘90s Halloween cult classic all these years later. “I love the fans. Can you guys write the next script? After the sequel comes out, we’ll have another one that’s just written by the fans,” she added.

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