Happy Valentine’s Day

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Valentine’s Day Poem for Bette Midler Fans (Betteheads)

Oh Betteheads, listen close, don’t dismay, It’s Valentine’s Day, let’s have some fun and play
For Bette Midler, our queen, let’s sing and cheer, With love and laughter, let’s make this day so dear.

She sings and acts, with talent so grand, In our hearts, she has a special stand
So here’s to you, Betteheads, with love so true, Happy Valentine’s Day, from me to you!

Let’s share a laugh, a joke, and a smile, Bette’s magic reaches across every mile
With her songs and wit, she steals the show, To all Betteheads, love and joy, let’s bestow. we

So raise a glass, and let’s have some fun, For our love of Bette, shines like the sun
Happy Valentine’s Day, to Betteheads so fine, With laughter and joy, let’s make this day shine!

Mister D: Yes, it’s bad, but my heart meant well…lol

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