Behind The Scenes Of “We Are The World”

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Behind The Scenes Of “We Are The World”
By Mister D
Feb 26, 2024

bette midler in we are the world

Bette Midler, the renowned singer and actress, was among the impressive lineup of American recording artists who participated in the iconic charity single “We Are The World”. Released in 1985, this groundbreaking song was created in response to the African famine epidemic and inspired by the success of Band Aid’s charity song “Do They Know It’s Christmas?”.

“We Are The World” brought together a diverse group of musicians from various genres, including pop, country, folk, and rock. The supergroup USA For Africa featured luminaries like Bob DylanMichael JacksonBruce SpringsteenBilly JoelPaul SimonTina TurnerKenny RogersStevie WonderDiana RossWillie NelsonCyndi Lauper, and Ray CharlesEach artist contributed their unique voice to the famous 7-minute song, which remains one of the best-selling songs of all time, selling over 20 million physical copies during the mid-1980s. Bette Midler did not have a solo spot, which is unbelievable, but true.

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