Bette Midler – Spring Is Here!

Spring Is Here Artwork by Sam Miro

"Spring Is Here"

In the garden, 'The Rose' blooms anew,
Petals glisten with morning's dew.
'From a Distance,' the world sings in tune,
As April whispers, "Spring will be here soon."

'Wind Beneath My Wings,' the season soars,
Bringing life to the shores.
'Beaches' of time, washed by the tide,
Embrace the warmth that winter denied.

'Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy' hums in the breeze,
Nature dances, hearts at ease.
'Spring Can Really Hang You Up the Most,' they say,
Yet, in her arms, we wish to forever stay.

The 'Glory of Love' shines bright and clear,
In every blossom, love appears.
With each 'Hello In There,' a new friend greets,
As life's symphony joyously repeats.

So let's 'Stay With Me,' under the sun's glare,
For in this season, there's magic in the air.
Spring is here, with her tender care,
In the melody of Midler, a love affair.
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