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bette midler hula hands

Bette Midler’s “Lovely Hula Hands” is a hidden gem from 1974 that she posted on her Instagram.

It’s a never-before-released song that captures the grace and beauty of the traditional Hawaiian dance, the hula.

The song itself, originally written by Robert Alexander Anderson in 1939, is a tribute to the enchanting movements of hula dancers and has been covered by various artists over the years.

Midler’s rendition adds her unique touch to this classic, celebrating the aloha spirit and the picturesque imagery of Hawaii. Enjoy the melody and let it transport you to the serene beaches and gentle waves of the islands. Aloha!

Lovely Hula Hands
(R. Alex Anderson)

Lovely hula hands
Graceful as the birds in motion
Gliding like the gulls over the ocean
Lovely hula hands, kou lima nani e

Lovely hula hands
Telling of the rains in the valley
And the swirling winds over the pali
Lovely hula hands, kou lima nani e

I can feel your soft caresses of your hula hands
Your lovely hula hands
Every little move expresses so I’ll understand
All the tender meaning

Of your hula hands
Fingertips that say aloha
Say to me again I love you
Lovely hula hands, kou lima nani e
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6 thoughts on “Audio: Bette Midler – Lovely Hula Hands

  1. Can you imagine an album of Bette’s rarities & unreleased stuff like that amazing gem!?? It would be a dream came true!!

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