Video: Bette Midler – Comedy Routine – Everybody Knows

During her Divine Intervention Tour 2015, the incomparable Bette Midler included a captivating rendition of Leonard Cohen’s “Everybody Knows.” This powerful song, initially penned by Cohen, delves into the harsh realities of life, societal inequalities, and the struggle for justice. Let’s explore how Bette Midler infused her unique energy into this iconic track:

“Everybody Knows” is a poignant reflection on the world’s imperfections. Its lyrics resonate with disillusionment, acknowledging that the fight is often rigged, the poor remain poor, and the rich continue to prosper.

When Bette Midler performed this song during her tour, it became a moment of raw emotion and introspection. Her voice, seasoned by years of experience, breathed new life into Cohen’s words.

As she sang, “Everybody knows the fight was fixed,” the audience felt the weight of those words. Midler’s delivery was haunting and empowering, reminding us that awareness is the first step toward change.

The sad section of the show, where she segued from “Everybody Knows” to Randy Newman’s “I Think It’s Gonna Rain Today”, intensified the emotional impact. The latter song’s refrain, “Human kindness is overflowing,” echoed with bitter irony.

Bette Midler’s ability to infuse depth and meaning into her performances made this tour unforgettable. Her voice, charisma, and willingness to tackle thought-provoking material left a lasting impression on audiences worldwide.

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