A Fan’s Perspective: Ray Cooper’s Bette Tales

Since that very first night when I met Bette in New York City (1970/71), I have always been a big fan.

In the beginning I thought we had a connection being that we were born in the same year, 1945, and we did have a lot to talk about.

She has always been very different than any other performer out there. I love her live shows the most, then her recordings, and then her movies.

I have been to so many live shows, all over the country, even I don’t know how many shows I’ve seen in 37 years.

No one else in the business can hold a candle to her live shows, no one!

I will always love and respect Bette Midler, for the person she is and what she has given me all these years.

Most of the people in my stories are gone and I always think of Bette as the link to wonderful memories of the past and to the future.

I’m not a great writer, but I do have many great stories to share with all of you and will have more stories to come soon.

Hope that you enjoy them all!

Ray Cooper, aka Russ Knight

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